Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Video: All I Want Is You By Miguel feat. J. Cole

If you all could not tell by now, Mr Busby is an Eminem stan. I am the slight equivalence when it comes to J.Cole.. Sike Nah but here is a low key video that Cole featured on. His lyrics are not so much as strong as his own personal works but still... How many video opps has Cole had since his buzz?? Now I wont agree with the hype and general consensus because Cole is one of my most favored artists but word on the street is that his buzz is dying.. So more work, more projects JC. This video for Who Dat better be good G... sike nah

On a side note, I have a Big Sean show coming up this week. Hype for that seeing how I missed about 3 opportunities to go to one.

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