Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eminem makes Nielsen/SoundScan history

Eminem is the first artist in Nielsen/SoundScan history (which dates to 1991) to top the 700K plateau in weekly sales with four albums.

Recovery is Eminem's sixth #1 album. Among rappers, only Jay-Z has had as many or more #1 albums (11). What's more, Recovery is Eminem's sixth consecutive album to reach #1. That's the longest string of consecutive #1 albums (in which every charted album made #1) since the Beatles had eight in a row from Beatles VI in 1965 to the so-called White Album in 1968. (Eminem had seven of the 22 tracks on Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, which peaked at #2 in 2006, but that was marketed as a Various Artists album.)

This week's hefty total for Recovery pushes Eminem from #10 to #9 on Nielsen/SoundScan's running list of the best-selling album artists in its history. (He pushes ahead of Pink Floyd on this list, which reflects sales from 1991 to 2010.) Eminem has sold 36,519,000 albums, which makes him the top rapper on the list. He is way ahead of Jay-Z, who is #27 overall with sales of 27,888,000 albums.

via: Yahoo

I thought MJ was the only one who made this kind of HIStory..clap for em

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