Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bay Area Tribute to 2Pac (feat. Mistah Fab, E40, San Quinn, and many more)

Oldie but goodie..I remember when this track first came out a few years ago..everybody did there thing on it..

WRITTEN & PERFORMED BY (in order of appearance): Mike Marshall, Too Short, E-40, Hammer, San Quinn, Mistah F.A.B., Mac Mall, Dem Hoodstarz (Band-Aide & Scoot), Jimmie Reign, Meilani, Turf Talk, The Pack (Lil' Uno, B., Young L), Ray Luv, Baby Bash, Nump, Shock G, James “D-Train” Williams, Martha Wash, Kimberlee Payton, Isa S. Chu, Laura Lane, Nancy Zumwalt

PRODUCED BY: Traxamillion & Jon Manuel

VOCAL ARRANGEMENTS BY: Gus Kambeitz, Mike Marshall, Jimmie Reign, Meilani


SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jim Archer, Travis Loughran, Leslie Perez, Mugzi, E-Rock, Kevin “K9” Pringle, Kenny/Done Deal, Cookoo/Sic Wid It, Stretch/Thizz, Robin Herman/Lawless, Bea Andrade/Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, Margaret Verghese/United Stations

September 13, 1996: I remember first hearing the news that 2Pac died. It didn’t seem possible. He had been shot a week earlier in Las Vegas, and I thought he would roll out of the hospital in a wheelchair – middle finger to the world as usual. But not this time… It was real: Tupac Shakur was dead.

We in the Bay Area mourned, along with 2Pac fans across the country. But it felt different here. We lost someone who was truly a part of the Bay – one of our own. Tupac was a man who spoke for the Bay Area. He represented us and made us proud.

The love Pac had for the Bay is reciprocated to no end. It’s a fact: if you’re from the Bay, you love 2Pac. Now, 10 years after his passing, we called upon some of Pac’s friends and the new shining stars of the Bay to unite and pay tribute to the man we all love. 

Watching this come together has truly been amazing. All along the way, it has felt like this is a project that has been destined to happen. From the first time the idea popped in my head over a year ago, to literally running into Shock G at the front door of my apartment last week to lay down the final verse. Men and women of all lifestyles, backgrounds, races and religions all lent their voices to remember Pac.

We will continue singing Tupac’s songs in our own words, never forgetting the man who inspired our passion and added motivation to our drive. His music and powerful messages are a part of us all. Based on music from his favorite musical, Les Miserables, this song proves that even though he is no longer with us in the flesh, Tupac Shakur lives on.

  -Jon Manuel, Executive Producer

Bay Area Tribute to 2Pac

via:Wild 94.9

R.I.P. 2Pac

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