Saturday, October 24, 2009

LETTERS FROM GREEN LABEL PROJECT'S EDITOR: Gettin it Hot With RocNation's premier Artist J.cole _ By IceSoCold....

J. Cole- The Warm Up

So for a while I guess you could say I lightweight slept on J. Cole although, with good reason, this dude Matt gave me the Jay Z at the same time. You already know that Jay Z is fire. Anyway, I put the CD a few days ago, and haven't replaced it since. I really can't find any negatives, not that I'm looking for any, ya boy is a beast. How else can I put it? The Warm Up is very nice. I mean ok, his voice isn't very distinct, and when you hear him you think, "Damn he kinda sounds like somebody but who?" Someone I know said AZ. First thing I thought was Phonte a.k.a. Percy Miracles from Little Brother, you know, the whole N.C. thing. That's not whats important, but what is important is that fact that first and foremost J. Cole definitely spit fire. Oh and its not just punchlines, I'm talkin entire verses. The tracks are ill. Now I'm not bout to get into quoting him, you can hear for your self. You will hear almost everything you need to become a fan in his version of Jay Z' Dead Presidents. There's plenty of fire throughout the whole Warm Up. He rips it from start to finish. Another important aspect of J. Cole I think I should address is his delivery. Its a nice one over a variety of beats, he is more then able to switch up the flow and transitions smoothly throughout the songs. I suggest getting acquainted with J. Cole. He makes dope beats, and rhymes on several topics that keep you interested as a listener.


J Cole - The Warm Up Trailer (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

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