Friday, October 23, 2009

GaGa Talks Kanye West Tour

She explains more about why their joint dates were cancelled…

Lady GaGa has spoken about cancelling her shows with Kanye West and revealed more about her own forthcoming tour.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the canned Fame Kills dates she said: “I don't want to embellish on it too much, because I want to respect Kanye's privacy. But we just had our own reasons.”
“We're real friends, real friends can make decisions like that, and we wanted to keep the momentum going in terms of pop music staying innovative with hip-hop and R&B, and we really wanted to do it, and it just wasn't the right time. But who's to say what will happen in the future?”
Instead the Paparazzi star will take her own Monster’s Ball tour around the US. She told the mag about the gigs which she’s described as an “electro-pop opera” and a “post apocalyptic house party.”
Lady G said: “The theatrics and story elements are in the style of an opera. Imagine if you could take the sets of an opera, which are very grand and very beautiful, and put them through a pop-electro lens.”
Asked about the outfits she’ll rock the singer explained: “The fashion, certainly, is going to be another exploration and another level from where we were with the Fame Ball.
“The theme of monsters is certainly going to be an influence, as well as the theme of evolution and change. It's going to be a truly artistic experience that is going to take the form of the greatest post-apocalyptic house party that you've ever been to.”

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