Thursday, June 24, 2010

Twitter Hoe RAT StacKs = Fake

Rat StacKs EXPOSED Again !!!!! This time Im gonna expose the BITXH for the fake mfer that she is... Andrea Herrera How did u go from selling Pussy @South Beach for 80 dollars 2 having record lables pay u 2 say u smashed their artist ????? I really dont feel sorry for this RAT kause she wanted 2 B known 2 B a groupie HOE and with all that groupie fame U will get a few enemies.... a few facts about this BUM BITXH #fact 1 She aint fucK all the people she b talking about she smashed #Fact 2 she aint got no money kause chopper had 2 fly her outta LA #Fact 3 U a dead beat Mother #Fact 4 u so ugly niggas aint really tryin 2 smash u They just use you for promotion #fact 5 the niggas u do fucK only give u cKab money #fact BWS never smashed that bitxh they payed her 2 promote them #FAcT WorldstarHipHop pays that bitxh 2 for all her videos #FAcT EVERYTHING IS FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really I kould go on for days talking about this BUM RAT... But Im not gonna waste my time... I blame the people on twitter for making her who she is kause without u guys she would B a NOBODY !!!!!!!!! well she kinda still is a nobody but yall know what I mean.... and as for her book DEAL BITXH do u even know how 2 read and write??? like really ??? kause sumtimes I dont understand a god damn thing your ass b saying RAT STAcKS BIIIIIEEEEEEETTTTTTTcHHHHHH

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