Saturday, June 12, 2010

Movie Review: Get Him To The Greek

Well I just came back from watching the new Judd Apatow flick (Get Him To The Greek) and I gotta was actually good!!! Definitely something you should go see if you like the other Judd films.

The plot: An idealist label intern is given the task of flying from the U.S. to Europe to get a failing rockstar (Aldous Snow) and bring him back to the states for a big comeback show

The problem: Aldous Snow is MUCH more preoccupied with Sex, Drugs, and Everything in between.

My Thoughts:

Jonah Hill has never NOT been funny to me and continues his streak of hilarity. Russel Brand pulled of his role of a troubled, sex crazed, rockstar/druggie too. Diddy was really the only one who seemed out of place. There were a lot of shock humor moments in this movie and they were all pulled off beautifully. Scenes included: sodomy, a threesome with only 1 female, and anal drug smuggling. The story was honestly simple and predictable but it got the job done.

Overall Score: 7/10

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