Sunday, June 13, 2010


This just in!: Gears Of War 3 is gonna be starring none other pop music diva Aubrey Graham!!! Or as some folks call him, Drake (I'd get a stage name too if my parents named me Aubrey...) Epic Games decided to sell out and hit up Jimmy to star in there sequel to the FORMERLY great game series Gears Of War. Aubrey will be playing one of the main soldiers in the game (cause nothing says soldier like a Canadian R&B singer...) This is obviously a sales gimmick which is fucking retarded because that game was the shit without the use of gimmicks. Now its name is tainted! If they REALLY felt it necessary to go the celebrity route, couldn't they have at least picked someone who could be a believable fucking soldier!? (ex. 50 Cent, Nipsey Hussle, Yukmouth) It's hard to picture Aubrey and his lesbian voice delivering the lines of a soldier in combat. I just hope they aren't going to be EXTRA corny and use stuff from his "music" career in the game. For example, If you get killed in the game you hear "But it's far from over" or Jimmy's character has a name tag that says "Last Name: Ever, First Name: Greatest". At the VERY LEAST, maybe Jimmy's character will get shot (in which case, I'll buy the game) Honestly, even if this sequel does well sales wise, I can see a lot of loyal G.O.W. fans no longer standing by the game they once loved.

So to everybody at Epic Games..............y'all HELLA TRIPPIN'!!!!

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