Monday, July 12, 2010

Eminem at T in the Park..refuses to walk 40 feet to stage/Till I Collapse/Cinderella Man (Live)

Eminem reportedly refused to walk 40 feet to the stage for his headlining performance at T In The Park on July 10. The rapper, 37, is alleged to have been concerned that he would get mud on his trainers and demanded transportation to take him to the stage.

According to the Sunday Mail, organisers had to rush to hire a coach for him. He then walked to the coach with plastic bags on his feet to not get his sneakers mud and dirt on them.

By the way, Eminem shouted out Lil Wayne saying “Free Lil Wayne!” during the performance.

Via: DaShadySpot

Word Em? Didn't want to get mud on ur shoes? So u Slim Diva now? Cmon son..

Other then that..Shady rocked the crowd over seas for the T In The Park music festival, it was Em's first time in Europe since the Anger Managment tour in 2002. Here is footage of him doing Till I Collapse/Cinderella Man..

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