Monday, July 19, 2010

Alicia Keys fires her manager and teams up with Jay-Z

Alicia Keys has decided to end her relationship with her long-time manager Jeff Robinson. The R&B singer wants to be more in control of her career, hence the decision of firing Robinson.
The news was given by both, Keys and Robinson, in a joint statement that reads, “This decision will allow Alicia more control over all aspects of her career from singing and songwriting, to leading many business ventures and social causes.” The statement also underlines that the decision was "mutually agreed upon and amicable."
Robison and Keys have assured they will work together from time to time through MBK/J Records.
However, while Alicia has ended her cooperation with her manager, she keeps on working side-by-side with Jay-Z. This time, the successful collaboration between Hov and Alicia leads them to perform together at a charity ball for those affected by HIV/AIDS.
Along with Sade, Jay and Alicia will participate at the annual Black Ball on September 30 at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. The event will raise money to donate to Keep A Child Alive, a charitable organization of which Alicia Keys is co-founder. Keep A Child Alive provides care for people affected by HIV/AIDS. Since 2004, Alicia has raised over $10 million.

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