Friday, November 13, 2009

Serious About Your Sound Part II - The PS1000's By Grado Labs, Inc

By someone who has listened and knows Grado headphones. Jason Morin aka Zanth on

Never one to stop innovating, Grado has set out to create a new flagship and it is these new headphones, the PS1000's ($1,695) , as I hear it, are the very best headphone Grado Labs has ever produced. What would so excite me as to claim such a thing? How about a hybrid metal/wooden headphone that incorporates the tone and timbre of the RS1's, maintaining the superior Grado mid-range, the hallmark of their sound and a resonance reduced decay which brings the sound closer to that of the PS1's and HP-1000's? How about all of that, dear listeners? Well here it is, the evolution of the metal series and the wooden series, the PS1000 is the answer to all those who have for years hoped for a broad release of the PS1's or for those who wanted something even better than the GS1000's. The PS1000's are the very best Grado headphone ever made.

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